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Our Big Projects

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Seven Species Mosaic

This mosaic made by us was given as a present to the Pope Benedict XVI.


The Peace Mosaic at Haifa

This mosaic was made for the celebration of 50 years for the Israel Youth Award, among the participants was Prince Edward from England.


A copy of Hamat Tiberias mosaic at Ashkelon College

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A copy of the Zodiac of Tiberias

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A copy of David Mosaic in Nitzan

The original mosaic is in Gaza


Birds Mosaics in Caesarea

Installed in a private house


A mosaic on a table of Van Gogh's sunflowers

Mosaic that was built as a table for a private house


A mosaic on the floor of Van Gogh's sunflowers

This mosaic was installed on a floor of a private house


A copy of The Mona Lisa of Galilee

Exhibited in Jerusalem


A copy of The Mona Lisa of Galilee

Was installed in a private house

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